USA Tour 2001


The USA Tour 2001


While only a small number of riders took part this was by far the biggest thing Rusty Nuts organiser Lee Rusty had ever undertaken. Incorporating the Route 66 Mother Road Rally Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Route 66 USA, it seemed appropriate in the 15th Anniversary of the Rusty Nuts M/C. This story is in sections due to its length. Part 1 is Background. Some of the Photos illustrating these articles were taken by the Kiwi's others were taken by other entrants of the 2001 Mother Road Rally. I can't credit them all as I don't know who took them all. My thanks to all those whose photos I have used - if you want a personal credit I will give it where photos are identified as to the taker.


USA Tour 2003 The Background to the tour.
Day One - Arrival Day One - Arrival in LA - Transfer to flights for San Antonio Texas. The Alamo.
Day Two - USA Tour Day Two. Texas Motorcycle Rentals - Heat - Oh No! - Alamo HD - Frozen Margarita’s.
Day Three - USA tour Day Three. Finally America awaits - Heat - Franks - Houston -Beaumont.
Day Four - USA Tour Day Four. Airboats - Pouring Rain - HD starts to break up - New Orleans - Bourbon St - Wasted.
Day Five - USA Tour Day Five. Ponchatoula - Racism - Jackson - Told off in Memphis.
Day Six - USA Tour Day Six - Graceland & The King - Memphis Queen - Lee makes a friend - Beale St Blues - Cops with guns.
Day Seven - USA Tour Day Seven. Rain - Strange places - Troopers - Nashville - Wild Horse Saloon - And a stretch Limo.
Day Eight - USA Tour Day Eight. Butterflies - Lighting Show - Salem - Early night.
Day Nine - USA Tour DAy Nine. Pennsylvania - meeting old mates.
Day Ten - USA Tour Day Ten. Toll roads - Tunnels - Ohio - Sturgis Michigan.
Day Eleven - USA Tour Day Eleven. "Indiana wants me, Lord I can't go back there" - Chicago.
Day Twelve - USA Tour Day Twelve. What the hell is this? - Chicago shopping - Crash - Dell Rhea's - Flying the flag - Guinness.
Day Thirteen - USA Tour Day Thirteen. Route 66 Mother Raod rally begins -
Day Fourteen - USA Tour Day Fourteen - Meeting locals -Jesse James - Poker run - Kansas - Fresh oil - Oklahoma - Old Road.
Day Fifteen -USA Tour Day Fifteen. Old runners - Will Rogers - Guns - Whales - Original Rock Cafe - Round Barns
Day Sixteen - Part one - USA Tour Day Sixteen Part one - Today was such a busy day I have split it into two parts due to the large size of text and photos. Old Jail - Art Deco - Small Gas station - Barb wire - Big Cross - Huge Steaks.
Day Sixteen - Part two - USA Tour Day Sixteen Part two. Cadillac Ranch - Midway point Route 66 - Tucumcari - Santa Rosa.
Day Seventeen - Part 1 - USA Tour Day Seventeen Part One. Sandia Crest - Banks - Bullshittin'- Wind - Blown over - Rain.
Day Seventeen - Part 2 - USA Tour. Day Seventeen Part two. Coloured Desert - Rock logs - Old News - Standin' on the corner - Big Hole - Even bigger hole.
Day Eighteen - USA Tour Day Eighteen. Heat - Seligman -Thuxton - Hackberry - Desert - More Heat
Day Nineteen - USA Tour Day Nineteen - Mother Road Rally ends - Tin Bum Award - Joshua Tree - London Bridge.
Day Twenty - USA Tour Day Twenty - Las Vegas - Bad Luck - Good Luck - Jail tree
Day Twenty One - USA Tour Day Twenty One - Running Late - Nothing - Tombstone - Thunderstorms.
Day Twenty Two - USA Tour Day Twenty Two - Back in Texas - Border Patrols - El Paso - Riding riding riding - Goat roping - San Antonio again.
Day Twenty Three - USA Tour Day Twenty Three. Trip details and impressions of HD.
Day Twenty Four - USA Tour Day Twenty Four. Going home - Conclusions -Footnote.

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