Gypsy Tours


The Gypsy Tours series consisted of 3 runs held in 2000, 2002 and the last in 2004.


1st Gypsy Tour 2000 - Lee Rusty The 1st Rusty Nuts M/C Gypsy Tour has a rocky start with outside problems, but you can't keep a bunch of Rusty Nuts and their mates down. We would overcome anything just to see if the mad german would make it on his scooter.
1st Gypsy Tour ' 2000 - Bob Rusty The 1st Gypsy tour of New Zealand started in Auckland with 6 days of riding ahead of us. The series of Gypsy Tours will number 3 in total, they will be held every 2 years. Each one will start and finish in a different part of the country. The first Gypsy tour badge was Bronze the 2nd one will be Silver and the 3rd & last one will have a Gold badge. This is Bob Rusty's Review of the 1st.
2nd Gypsy Tour 2002 - Yvonne's story Yvonne and Tez missed the first Gypsy Tour, but they had some adventures on the second one.
3rd Gypsy Tour 2004 - Yvonne's review Yvonne and Tez took on their 2nd Gypsy Tour. Tez's Buell was the cause of much speculation on the worlds oil reserves. Here is their story.
3rd Gypsy Tour 2004 - Neils Review Neil Barnard's story of his Gypsy Tour.
2004 Gypsy Tour - Grahame's Review Grahame and Gail Harris joined the final Gypsy Tour on the second day in Rotorua. The Gypsy Tour is meant to be a do it yourself type tour, a fact they took advantage of to do it their way.

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