Bob & Annie Rusty with Pistoff Rusty

Bob & Anne-Shirley Rusty

Bob and Anne-Shirley Rusty. Live in Kaieto Midway between Taumarunui and Stratford on the Whangamomona Rd.They run the Kaieto Cafe. Bob was recruited by the Rusty's first, meeting Anne-Shirley some time later.

She quickly became one of the team due to her willingness to take part. Bob and Annie are as often on the runs as working the checkpoints etc. The little fellow is Pistoff Rusty, he rides on the bike and is the only "non-human" who wears a Rusty cloth patch, he also collects badges for the runs he attends. Bob's favourite food is Bluff oysters.

Bob and Anne-Shirley made the newspapers when they were married on the Interisland Lynx Ferry.

Bob and Annie Rusty's Wedding

The article that appeared in the Wellington newspaper when Bob and Annie were married on the Lynx Ferry, that sails between the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

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